Vintage USA Street Scene Photos - Restored Digital Collection

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PRINT, frame and sell authentic looking repro vintage street scene photoprints from 100 years ago! Our bargain-priced Computer Image Download - 8 Files Totalling 2 Gb - contains 250 (PLUS the extra Bonus Images mentioned below) beautiful period images, already painstakingly re-touched and restored from rare antique originals and brought together in this great money-making set specially for the purpose of making prints using standard inkjet printers (each purchase includes full Print-selling permission, see our Terms of Use page).

The contents of this hot favourite collection include:-
Over 90 full-size - up to 35in wide - fully restored photo Panoramas (read how to print them Here) showing fascinating scenes from busy early American intersections, including the people, the horse drawn transportation and everyday life as it was 100 years ago.
Some 160 rare Photos (standard and photochrom types, approx 8x10in) in both colour and black and white/sepia showing typical everyday street life including the people and the traders and providing a nostalgic glimpse of life as it was in the early 20th century. The photos include Tiff format images up to 450psi!
see the added Free Bonus.

All You Need Is A Standard Photo Quality Inkjet Printer!

The image file sizes are large, ranging up to over 7mb each, and the set contains minimally compressed .jpg images suitable for all computer systems. We have done all the long hours of work for you by retouching and optimising these superb antique images specially for you to create and frame your own Beautiful commercial size Prints directly from a standard inkjet or graphics Printer.  Plenty of scope for Print retailing without the usual copyright problems.

BONUS:- * The Atlantic City Supplement Collection is now included FREEA SUPERB Ultra High Resolution (up to 450dpi) supplement featuring 60 large Atlantic City & Boardwalk photos has now been added completely FREE.

NOTE:- Prefer it on disc? A number of collections may still be had on disc instead of via download at our sister site (collection contents are the same) - or contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.