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Product Overview

* All High Resolution  ~ 300dpi or more ~ * Larger Images:- 10+ inches physically on the longest side! * 200 artistic poses PLUS 50 beautiful Bonus Images * Make Money - Print Sales Permission is Included (See Terms).

A wonderful print-making collection supplied by Instant Download and suitable for a host of commercial and non-commercial uses, from repro photo print sales to sophisticated decor. A unique-to-Timecamera collection! It comprises some 200-odd large antique nude and risqué art photos from the studios that produced vintage risqué postcards - but the difference is these are full size (supplied 10 inches on longest side), high resolution at 300dpi or more and have few postcard logos.
In fact, it was probable these were used as master images for many of the studies subsequently issued as actual risqué postcards. Sure to be a popular seller, the 200 very tasteful poses included in this download collection are mainly from the Victorian and Edwardian periods into the Twenties. All early period, now uniquely restored and digitally enhanced for print making.

Beautiful Bonus Collection

In addition to the main collection is added a very beautiful bonus collection of less scantily clothed studies which were all hand-picked as being particularly attractive and worthy of printing, framing and selling - please see our 'Terms of Use' page which are deemed accepted by making a purchase. The collection comes with instructions and printing suggestions together with Print sales permission (see Terms of Use) for these images, which are restorations unique to Timecamera.