Create Repro Antique Sporting Prints, Photos & Vintage Sports Photo-Panoramas!

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PHOTO PANORAMAS are not only attractive, they are also important historical records. Among the most interesting and popular subjects are the early ones with a sports theme, including Baseball.  Often taken during an important game, or showing the team line-up afterwards, they offer a contemporary glimpse of many famous faces and events.

Our top value SPORTS IMAGES COMPILATION (Instant Download) including Print selling permission features several sports, including football, boxing, hunting, fishing, motor racing and the Olympics. It comprises top-selling panoramas together with size variations - both edited and non-edited versions (the latter including the original archived join lines) PLUS a premium selection of over 50 standard format antique, mainly British, prints too - mostly at 300dpi - for making excellent, authentic looking prints - PLUS a folder of fascinating sports ephemera too!

 All images - except the raw image folders also included for interest purposes - are uniquely restored and/or enhanced and specially designed for creating authentic looking, cash-making prints. Shown here are a few reduced size examples of panoramas - the actual sizes vary up to 30inches wide, some 22inches, depending on the original source material. For info on how you can print panoramas go HERE .

BONUS IMAGES:- Many bonus images are included in this great download together with a separate folder featuring Sports Related Ephemera - all restored - all full size - and all potential money-makers! In addition there's a great selection of 50 antique sporting prints dating back to the early 1800's. Mostly high resolution at 300dpi they offer a great opportunity for extra print sales. Also included are thirty-five very rare vintage Sports Comic Covers to print and frame. High resolution, restored and specially enhanced for print making!  Pluas Three turn of the century movie clips in MPEG format for your entertainment, featuring two boxing matches plus an American football game!

NOTE:- Prefer it on disc? A number of collections may still be had on disc instead of via download at our sister site (collection contents are the same) - or contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.