ANTIQUE CIRCUS PRINTS & PHOTOS - 200 Restored Printmaking Images Download

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200+ Rare Posters Prints & Photos - Uniquely Restored Antique Circus Images, Sized for A4 Computer Printers!

THIS is a must-have Download collection enabling you to Print and/or Frame and Sell if desired a big range of 200+ nostalgic restored circus prints, posters and photos  from the last part of the 19th Century into the 20th and also including a rare series of 17th century tightrope performer engravings. All you need is a computer printer to make/sell quality repro Prints. Print Selling Permission & Instructions are Included!

This money making collection features a great mixture of hand-picked rare images of vintage circus posters, flyers, prints and photos, mostly in minimally compressed .jpg format plus a few Tiff format too. The good-sized images can be printed using modern A4 computer printers capable of graphics/photos - if it has the resolution for photo quality it can also make prints - plus there's a couple of larger format images included too.

The collection includes an important archive of over 200 rare images, all of which have been extensively restored and enhanced by 'Timecamera' for print-making suitability without detracting from the antique look of the originals, many of which have previously been unsuitable for reproduction due to their extreme damage and age wear. The result is an historically important collection of uniquely improved images, supplied pre-sized for A4 printers. A wonderful range of styles and subject content is included, featuring nostalgic images from the Victorian period right through to the Edwardian.

These are irresistible Print buys to collectors - either retail or wholesale - for theme decor and also to interior designers. When framed, whether singly or in groups the prices they fetch can be particularly high. There are also a host of other uses possible for colourful art and graphics projects of all kinds.

BONUS:- To further sweeten the deal we are now including two Free Bonuses - complete scans of the rare vintage books "Circus Life & Circus Celebrities" c1881 and "Sawdust & Spangles" c1901. These rare volumes are presented in .pdf format for Adobe Reader. The latter is included as standard on most computers or can be downloaded free.

NOTE:- Prefer discs? A number of collections can still be had on disc instead of download at our sister site (collection contents are the same on either disc or download) - or contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.