A Graphics-Capable Printer Can Earn You Money - Even a Living!

DIGITALLY PRINTED photographs and repro lithographs are now practically indistinguishable from the 'real' thing with the aid of today's photo quality Graphics Capable Printers plus suitable paper - in fact with our unique image enhancements, Timecamera's digital vintage photos and prints are often better than the 'real' thing!

 Logical Step Forward

 It's a perfectly logical next step forward therefore to utilise modern printers for the making of reproduction Collectible and Antique Prints and Photos which, again can often be an improvement on traditional methods such as letterpress printing with it's usual unfortunate tell-tale dot pattern or micro cross hatching signs.

 Can you see the quality difference?

Take one of our unique digitally-enhanced photos or lithograph Master Images from any collection, print it on the recommended stock using a photo capable computer printer.  Then take a magnifying glass and try and tell the difference between a real lithograph, the digitally printed one from Timecamera and a repro made by any of the traditional methods. Only the traditionally made copies will be a noticeable fake. The same applies for photographs.

 Our specially enhanced images are taken from real and rare antique Prints and Photographs. All you need is your computer printer to turn them once again into "real" prints and photos - plus the imagination to do it. We can also supply suitable quality paper stock if you have any trouble sourcing it.

For much more info on the printing of digital art prints and vintage photographs visit the "Printing" page on Timecamera's original web site...