Terms of Use


BEFORE you start making Cash from the collections, naturally we feel it very important to protect our own rights too. Unlike other image collections, please note all the Timecamera images have been painstakingly restored and enhanced for Print making over several years and are therefore versions which are unique to us.

 Note the following Terms are kept short, concise and readily understood but are nevertheless based on Copyright Law in its entirety and under which Law the collections are fully protected. Interested parties may easily research Copyright Law in depth on-line should they wish:-

"By making a purchase of any Timecamera image collection which includes Print Selling Permission you are automatically granted within these Terms an individual and non-transferable Licence, i.e. 'Permission', along with use of the exclusive Master Image Files for making any number of individual physical 'Prints' (onto paper or any other printable surface) to keep or sell by way of retail or wholesale business.

Selling of the images by digital means for an end user to make prints from themselves is not permitted but they may be displayed on a web site for the purpose of advertising and for customers to order actual Prints from if they are displayed in a reduced size and resolution to avoid illicit copying by third parties.

Such Permission as above is not given if an item is stated to be for 'Personal Use Only' (which may occasionally be a stipulation with certain Free Bonuses). Being 'free' such elements are included as good will only and are not considered to have been 'purchased' as such along with its associated image collection.

 By making an image collection purchase you are not granted transfer of ownership of any image copyright, which shall remain with Timecamera at all times as our proprietary product and accordingly you do not have permission to copy, re-sell, market, illegally distribute or otherwise  mis-use the supplied media or individual digital image files in contravention of criminal and/or copyright law.

Neither, for your legal protection, may you grant use of the images to other persons and are not authorised to offer any form of 'rights' or 'permissions' in relation to the images to other parties.

 Each of the unique Restorations is digitally encoded in binary, and has been date-registered at the Writers & Artists Guild Copyright Office. As substantially improved restorations and/or enhancements of antique or public domain originals they are thereby rendered unique to Timecamera (TM).

 Copyright on both our restored images and/or our original scans of privately-owned source material where included, plus the DVDs or digital files remain the property of Timecamera (TM) and infringements have and will continue to be pursued under international law.

Note every endeavor is taken to ensure public domain status of images before we restore and enhance them and they are offered in good faith on that basis. However, we are happy to remove any inadvertently included image upon approach when it is shown that copyright is still extant. We strongly recommend customers do the same and conduct their own copyright research on individual images before investing in commercial reproduction, particularly in relation to free gift/bonus items which are supplied on a personal use only basis.

Your making of a purchase, either directly or via a Timecamera web site is deemed an acceptance of and agreement to abide by both the non-negotiable Terms of Use and also the Terms of Sale. All purchases are for the use of images only, as proscribed above, and do not also include a right to receive business or technical advice."

Purchasers are entered into a database of permitted users and compliance of the Terms is monitored in the interests of all our business customers.

Note the above Terms do not apply to 'Collectaprint' type image collections for making paper toys where it is the finished, made articles only that are permitted to be sold rather than prints of the template sheets included in those collections.

There is scope for healthy profits without negating our small return for extensive restoration work and we request co-operation in protecting both parties' interests by reporting Copyright infringements.


General Sales Terms

1. In common with other graphic image publishers we are not able to offer an 'on approval' or sale or return service.
2. The contents of each collection are detailed throughout the site and each contain the numbers of images stated as being included but this may not equate with a full disc capacity or equate with the image numbers or sizes of other collections.
3. Customer details are kept confidential and privacy is respected. Please advise if you do not wish to receive details of similar collections if they become available.
4. Purchasers agree not to misrepresent reproduction type prints as being Originals, either deliberately or by omission, and absolve Timecamera.com of any liability resulting from your actions.
5. We  reserve the right of refusal to supply and/or to change prices without prior notice.
6. Purchasers may not copy or distribute the images or collections and agree to read the Terms of Use and by placing an order are deemed to have accepted them and agree to abide by them.
7. A purchase is for the supply of goods only and does not include the right implied or otherwise to any business and/or marketing advice and should any be offered it shall be in good faith only.

Images should be transferred to a hard drive upon receipt and be used from such a device rather than disc media. We cannot be held liable for any mechanical fault, damage or loss arising from the use of the images or for their long term viability. Always keep a backup.
9. Note the return provisions of the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to software, including computer images.

10. Sales are for the use only of the images and there is no transfer of copyright.
11. Any free bonus or gift with the image collections are offered as an incentive to buy only and do not come with any rights attached. They do not form part of the actual purchase and its associated licensing agreement and are for personal use only, except where stated.