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Special Discount Combo Deal on Pollock's Toy Theatre Restored Original Template Sheets Vols 4-6. Download Links (7.6 Gb) supplied within hours of purchase - see our Downloads page for full details.

NEW:- Three more volumes combined together of Pollock's Paper Model Toy Theatre Victorian Original Restorations (Volumes 4, 5 & 6). See the popular original offering of Vols. 1, 2 and 3. Now this latest eagerly awaited Combo #2 includes a further 195x Additional and Different Scans of rare and charming Paper Template Sheets suitable for printing at home using your photo-capable computer printer.

The collection offers more of  the acclaimed very high res., fully restored and enhanced-for-printing completely original sheets (not later re-prints) from the late 1800s - scanned, pre-sized and ready for instant printing using your computer / photo-capable printer combination. Unique restorations, they are not to be confused with lower quality / lower resolution sets or oddments sometimes offered elsewhere. They are also ALL the image type of sheets only, rather than text and/or play scripts or instruction sheets and are used as back-scenes, stage fronts, side wings, characters and stage props etc for Pollock's famous Paper Toy Model Theatres (and others associated with the company in its early days).

Unusually High Resolution

Each sheet is an extremely high 500 dpi and they come pre-sized for standard size A4 printers. Due to the unusuallly high resolution they can also be enlarged at will to A3 and more. Ready for printing as many as you like, then cutting out and using in Pollock's-specific plays or incorporated into other makers' models (the selection also includes a few other brand names specifically associated with Pollock's over the early years of their production). The sheets can be printed onto photo quality computer printer card stock, canvas effect paper or onto matte photo quality paper then pasted onto card for longevity before cutting. Recommended for adult use, scissors and/or glue usage by a child should be under the supervision of an adult

See example images, all very much reduced here in both size and resolution.

The three volumes included for download at a big discount are each normally marketed separately by Collectprint and associates and comprise the following Restorations:-

Pollock's Volume 4 - 61x Sheets - Total Volume Size 1.16 Gigabytes.

Pollock's Volume 5 - 65x Sheets - Total Volume Size 1.30 Gigabytes.

Pollock's Volume 6 - 90x Sheets - Total Volume Size 1.36 Gigabytes..

Included are various rare sheets from the following plays - Paul Clifford, Robinson Crusoe, The Blind Boy, The Brigand, Timour The Tartar, Battle of Waterloo, Forty Thieves, Oliver Twist, Aladdin, Baron Munchausen, Jack and the Beanstalk, Lord Darnley plus a folder of various miscellaneous rare odds.Notes:
1. These are very rare items and the sheets are 'as found' restorations and naturally may not comprise full or complete sets of any of the plays mentioned due to the extreme scarcity of the originals.
2. The restorations are unique and it is important that the digital files provided must not be copied for gain or distribution. Only the un-restored aged and damaged original material is in the public domain.

NOTE:- Prefer it on disc? A number of collections may still be had on disc instead of via download (collection contents are the same). Contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.