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Product Overview

This is a combo deal of six download collections from the Collectaprint paper toys range. Five are listed individually on this site (check out the details) plus there is an added bonus collection of restored images from the original 1800's Pollock's black and white paper theatre sheets marketed as "Penny Plain".

 Full details are also listed on eBay on the Collectaprint page HERE.

The collection is available right now at the special price of £22 for all. NOTE: This is a multiple collection offered as a download only when purchsed from this site, which will be sent within hours via to your email address you use during payment. If you do not see the download links appear in your email Inbox within a reasonable time please check your Spam folder as we always make sure the links have been successfully received. Why "within hours" instead of instant? Because this is a very large collection with sizeable files beond the scope of the instant download servers. We believe you will find the short wait worthwhile.