Victorian Paper Model TOY THEATRES - 100's Of Printable Templates Download!

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Side Scenes / Back Scenes / Stage Props / Characters / Theatre Fronts / Special Effects / Puppet Shows / More!

* 400x Ready-to-Print Images in an Instant Download * All Printers, Standard & Larger Format

* All Vintages - Use Again & Again. * Hundreds of Hours of Fun for All the Family!

This giant, Special-Price vintage paper Toy Theatre collection is exclusive to Collectaprint in this restored and enhanced-for-digital-printing version. While much of the original vintage material is in the public domain many of the images are from private collections. The scan images have also been restored and especially enhanced for digital print making while still retaining their vintage look and feel. Accordingly this big bargain collection is a unique Paper Toy Theatre compilation in several ways and may not be cloned, re-sold or otherwise distributed. Your completed constructions are yours to do with as you wish however, including re-sale if desired.

The sheet images are mostly supplied at a nominal 10-8in size for standard A4 printers but there is also a good selection of larger sizes or high res versions included for the use of those owning larger format printers. The latter can also be reduced to A4 as well with the use of any standard graphics or photo editing utility if desired. Size adjustments may also be necesary to match different sheets from the same series for accurate contruction purposes.

For more information and further sample images see HERE (then return to download).