P. J. REDOUTE Illustrations - High Resolution Printmaking Images Download

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Offered here is one of a very popular series of Timecamera professional collections, all featuring uniquely
restored and enhanced vintage images. Each is designed especially for Quality Print-Making & Selling! All you need is a photo quality computer printer to make first class 'antique' reproductions (see 'Terms of Use').

100x High Resolution, Fully Restored Illustrations by famous illustrator P. J. Redoute:- Les Roses c1817 and Les Liliacées c1802-16. These famous and beautiful illustrations normally speak for themselves so we’ll just state the bare facts here. Two different premium series are represented in this 100 image collection – Les Roses c1817 and Les Liliacées c1802-16, both in unusually high resolution and clarity.

The former is supplied at A4 size and Very High Resolution 330dpi, the latter comes at larger format A3 size and also Extra High Resolution at 400dpi. Perfect for large blow-ups and professional graphics projects of all kinds. As usual all images are uniquely restored from the age-worn originals and then enhanced for digital printing. The set is perfect for Print Making (and print selling if desired). Print Sales Permission is included. Please be sure to see the Terms of Use on this site (deemed accepted by purchasing).