Old Master Paintings Image Collection for Print Making - Volume 4 (Download)

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Product Overview

Old Master Paintings Volume 4

The Volume 4 edition in our Old Masters series is proving to be a popular favourite judging by the numbers of orders.  Well over a gigabyte of stunning and highly desirable images for making reproduction prints/paintings, this collection again features 240 beautiful oil paintings. All supplied in an 8-Part Instant Download from Timecamera.net.

Larger Format Images Also Included

Most are already pre-sized for standard A4 computer inkjet or graphics capable printers (each frameable in 10x8inch or larger displays) and are in a minimally compressed jpeg format - but also included are a great selection of some 40 larger format images too, many in a separate folder in .Tiff form which are reduceable in size if preferred, using photo editing software.

Resolutions range from medium-plus to ultra high resolution at over 400 dpi. Even the larger format paintings are high resolution at 300dpi, offering great scope for either further enlarging or reducing to A4 while at the same time increasing resolution to ultra high.

Unique Restorations

As with all the images across the six volumes, these too have been extensively retouched and enhanced to be at their very best for making authentic looking reproduction  prints on photo quality computer printers (see Here) and the restorations are therefore unique to Timecamera. Many famous paintings are included in each volume, ensuring a high demand for retail / wholesale print sales (see our Terms of Use Page).

NOTE:- Prefer it on disc? A number of collections may still be had on disc instead of via download at our original site Timecamera.com (collection contents are the same) - or contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.