Dante's Inferno, Purgatory & Paradise - Doré Engravings (Download)

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135x Famous Antique Engravings by Gustave Doré from Dante's Divine Comedy. Uniquely Restored, Tinted and Enhanced for Digital Print Making! Download.

THIS is a must-have collection of uniquely restored scans from a private collection of engravings, enabling you to Print and/or Frame and Sell the Prints for Cash if desired a range of over 135 of the famous and popular Gustave Doré prints that illustrated Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy', the epic poem written between 1308 and the year of his death in 1321. Illustrations from all three sections are included in the collection - the well known 'Inferno', together with 'Purgatory' and also 'Paradise' along with excerpts from the poem as a contextual guide to each engraving. All you need is any standard photo capable computer inkjet printer - full Print Selling Permission is also included in the price. Simply load the images into your computer's hard drive and you are ready to start creating hundreds of popular and attractive Money-Making Prints (see Terms of Use on the Timecamera web site along with lots of other useful print-selling information). Sell just one of the repro prints you make and you've instantly covered the collection cost !

Powerful Imagery Capturing a Variety of Different Moods

This compilation features a great mixture of well-known images in minimally compressed .jpg format, from medium up to high resolutions (ranging between 225-270dpi at a big physical print size of 10x8inches). They're suitable for all systems and can be printed using a standard A4 photo capable computer Printer.

The collection includes an important series (135 images) of medium to high resolution, restored and enhanced, unique, slightly tinted engravings scanned from a private collection and supplied pre-sized for A4 printers but capable of up-sizing (for the higher resolution images) for those with larger format capabilities. A wonderful range of moods is included featuring the sinister and macabre range from the 'Inferno' series to sombre and wistful scenes from 'Purgatory' to the more cheerful and hopeful mood evident in the 'Paradise' series of illustrations, as perceived by Dante. We also include a text file containing a reference to each illustrations and an extract from the poem to accompany them by way of captions. Most of the images are multi-megabyte in size.

Bonuses :- ALSO included for personal use is a version of  The Divine Comedy of Dante translated by the Rev. H. F. Cary. We have converted this into .pdf format, used by Adobe Reader which is standard on most computers or can also be downloaded free. There is also an additional twenty rare antique engravings by Dore (including a selection of large format examples) to make wonderful prints that you can sell or use as decor.