Antique Anatomy Illustrations for Print-Making (Download)

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Uniquely Restored Vintage Images for Print-Making!

A popular selection in our range of restored vintage image collections for making authentic looking Prints (for personal decor or sale) is this beautiful collection, now comprising a recently expanded range of 250x full size antique human anatomy/anatomical subjects from several rare and historically important works.

 The illustrations chosen for inclusion all show high artistic merit, rather than being simply medical works (equalling high sales potential) and together they comprise an important historical collection - albeit at times a little macabre, surreal or simply very bizarre! The 250 image files themselves are sometimes very large - we have also included several high res. files of 300 dpi each in the .Tiff format although most of the collection is in the popular 'jpg format (saved at minimum compression/highest quality). The collection's file links are supplied upon purchase for downloading when convenient.

All Images are Restored & Ideal for Making Reproductions

Approx one third of this collection originally formed the anatomy section of our Science collection some while back (they have since been replaced there by various animal anatomy subjects as well as a host of miscellaneous illustrations of scientific interest together with, again,  some high res. bitmaps of antique plates). The remainder presented here are of at least the same high standard and all are our studio restorations and enhancements with a view to making authentic looking prints and without straying too far from the original finish. Physically, the print sizes are ideal for home inkjet Printers, at around 10x8inches approx. and are not to be confused with the often encountered amateur compilations of un-restored, too-small-to-print, quantity-based offerings with copyright problems.