Antique Pigeon Prints c1884 Images x 30 Size A4, Hi-Res. 300dpi.

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Antique Pigeon Prints x 30 Image Collection (llustrirtes Mustertauben-Buch 1884 Size A4, 300dpi.). Download.

A wonderful and unique print-making image collection, suitable for a host of commercial or non-commercial uses from repro print sales (permission included) in standard & large formats to themed personal decor, greetings cards, decoupage and many other crafts.

The Finest Pigeon Prints Collection Around!

The collection comprises some 30 restored antique pigeon illustrations selected from Jllustrirtes Mustertauben-Buch 1884. Size supplied is A4 and 300dpi via 5 Download Files.The collection comes with Print sales permission for these uniquely restored illustrations, which are only available from Timecamera - please see our Terms of Use - deemed fully accepted by making a purchase.