Jugend Germanic Art Nouveau & Jugendstil Images Download

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Product Overview

* Large, High Resolution Images:- average 10in on the longest side! * Great for prints & dye sublimation * 250 antique designs PLUS extra Art Nouveau Bonus Images * Ideal for framing & selling or for decor & all design projects. Supplied by Six-Part Download.

THIS beautiful collection offers a wide and varied selection of stylish imagery from the first few years of the German weekly art magazine called ‘Jugend’ (Youth) from the late Victorian and early Edwardian periods. Total contents of the Download are 255 illustrations PLUS a generous bonus folder too of over three dozen additional Art Nouveau material from other sources!

We have taken the best of the best and restored them extensively. We have also enhanced the scans throughout for improved digital printing. Accordingly while the original material is in the public domain the unique and much improved versions offered in this collection are not and therefore may not be copied, resold or redistributed in this form.

Two Main Collections Included

 The collection is roughly divided between art nouveau illustrations and other material, particularly covers, offering exceptional artistic skill, although there is inevitably some crossover between the folders due to the inherent art style of the period. Much of the material can be used ‘as is’ or can be incorporated into other works as desired and also used for general reference by art students and designers.

The illustrations are generally high res overall ranging from a lower end of approx 171dpi where the original itself was lower resolution up to many at ultra high res at 360 dpi. They are also physically large being approx 10 inches on their longest side and all come in the standard .jpg format - although as with our other collections in the same format they are saved at the highest quality minimum-compression setting.

We are also including by way of a bonus an additional free folder of some three dozen restored Art Nouveau images from sources other than 'Jugend' to enjoy or to make prints from.