c1900 England ~ Giant 9-Volumes Colour Photochroms Archive - Start a Business!

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c1900 England - Biggest in our series of Edwardian Colour Photochrom Image Collections and supplied via download links sent to you within hours of purchase (see the Download Info page).... Over 1,000 Large Scenes for Standard Size PLUS Large Format Printers. A Giant 9-VolumesEdwardian Colour Photochroms Archive for Professional Print Makers - Perfect for starting a print-making business!

THIS IS A MASSIVE COLLECTION of large(30mb tiff format each)original high resolution scans(300dpi-400dpi), plus approx. 650 unique examples of smaller enhanced/restored versions too - minimally compressed .jpg format, size 10x7inches - in the same collection, ready for making/selling authentic-looking repro colour photochrom prints. All combined on this big 9-Volume Set upplied via Download Links sent to you within hours of purchase.

Offers Enormous Sales Scope

This huge 9-Volume collection is a great stand-alone business. After all, there's more than enough scope in just this one giant package to start a full time home-based Print Publishing Business with a huge customer demand (and high profit potential) everywhere! The scope is enormous - not just for framed Print sales through gift and souvenir shops everywhere but also to owners of the many shops, businesses and office buildings featured throughout the series, as well as various other local residents. Who would pass up the opportunity to purchase at a reasonable price a large, attractive and rare colour view of their own local area as it was over 100 years ago? The collection is essential and at under £4 for each jam-packed Volume it's a real money-making bargain for Print Sellers!

The only equipment you will need is the computer you probably already own plus a standard (or large format) photo capable inkjet Printer. Simply download the images onto your computer and you're ready to create as money-making prints as you want, either 10 inches - or larger if your printer can handle it!   The entire package is offered at a special discounted price, representing tremendous value for money with both retail and wholesale print selling opportunities. Rare colour prints from this very early period practically sell themselves!

FREE BONUS OFFER: We are currently also including TWO digitised complete illustrated histories of England, completely free.

NOTE:- Prefer discs? A number of collections can still be had on disc instead of download at our sister site Timecamera.com (collection contents are the same on either disc or download) - or contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation Paypal invoice for the disc alternative, including postage.